Friday, March 2, 2012

Our New Home

Owen had to report to work at 7:15am after we arrived. We all got up roughly around the same time in an attempt to get on our new schedule as quickly as possible. It worked for Owen and Cooper but I had a tough day one. I took two long naps (and I don’t do naps) equaling about five hours of extra sleep. We had TLF reservations until the end of March so while awake I unpacked and organized what we’d call home for the next month or so.

One of Owen’s first priorities was to get to housing to so we could get on the list for the next available home. We anticipated something to be available by the end of March but surprisingly he came home with keys! The next morning after Owen accepted the home and completed the inspection I packed and we took a base cab to our new home.

Our home is located in the 10 story Hallasan Towers with approximately 9 homes on each floor. It is a roomy, 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a cute balcony and great bones. A clean slate – finally, all of that pinning will come to good use!

So, what to put in our home… Remember our moves where we thought our unaccompanied baggage would be here when we arrived? Not our reality. It looks like it actually won’t arrive until around the end of March and the rest of our household goods won’t arrive until the end of April. This was disappointing since we’ve been living out of one suitcase each for the last month but what’s one month more?

The great thing here in Osan is that everyone has been through the same thing – the assignment, the family goodbyes, the air travel and the living out of a suitcase. So, without hesitation (or even a request) the wife of the squadron Commander – Beth and of the DO – Aimee came to our rescue with loaner sheets, pillows, blankets, trash cans and more. We also were able to get loaner furniture and kitchen utensils from the base and we stocked up on grocery and other necessary household items - so for the time being we’re set.

Next on the agenda is getting back in touch with Internet and phone service – this couldn’t come soon enough but today is the day so hopefully we’ll be back on the grid soon.

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