Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spencer's Nursery

Spencer's nursery is not 100% complete but I decided to go ahead and post a few pics because... when are you ever really finished with a room? The nursery has a simple yellow and gray scheme with a chevron theme and elephant accents. The elephants are a nod to the family vacation to a Thailand elephant farm while I was 7 months pregnant with Spencer. The room is made up of many handmade elements and was put together with a lot of love!

I plan to add several additional elements including custom wood letters over the crib with Spencer's name, a "You are my sunshine" canvas print, yellow bedding and a circular, yellow rug. 
Chevrons: painted by my awesome handyman/hubby. Paint colors were color-matched using our canvas bins at a Korean paint store in the alley
Curtains: Blackout (key!) curtains in gray
Deco balls: Purchased at the Thailand night market. Took Owen approx 1 hour and 3 gray hairs each to put together
Dresser/hutch and night stand: We designed 3 pieces and they were custom-made by MeWha's out of Korean Paulownia wood
Chair: I had this chair in Cooper's nursery. The best chair ever made.
*I added the photo with blankets spilling out of the drawer - it will remind me months from now that while taking these photos I was juggling the baby in one arm and cleaning up after the toddler with the other - ha! 
These canvas bins have unlimited uses and when our MeWha dresser arrived a little shorter than anticipated these added just the right height and fit perfectly inside the lip on the roof of the hutch.  
This dresser doubles as a changing table and perfectly fits the changing pad inside the lip on the roof of the piece. The elephant lamp was also purchased in Thailand.   
My amazing friend, Karen made this pillow for Spencer with fabrics from Korea's Happy Quilt.  
My sweet friend from Camp Humphrey's made this baby blanket for Spencer in his nursery's signature chevron print. Gorgeous! 
My teacher, turned mentor, turned friend sent me this uber cool lamp that doubles a s a docking station for music players - perfect for Spencer's lullabies  And we love to read at the Hein house so here's the beginning of Spencer's book collection started with several books from our friend's Kim and Liam. The elephant to the right was hand-carved at Patara Elephant Farm where we spent a day as elephant owners while vacationing in Thailand. 
These white shelves display a few keepsakes including elephants and a Nambi silver cup sent by Spencer's Great Uncle Ed. 
A nursery wouldn't be complete with a bunch of stuffed animals! 
And the nursery's crown jewel. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Introducing Spencer Duke Hein

Today is New Year's Day in Korea and I suppose a very good day to get started on my resolution - to blog more. 

And I couldn't think of a better topic to re-start with than the birth of our second baby boy. So without further adieu .. we're thrilled to introduce Spencer Duke Hein!

Born on December 21st at 8:14am in Seoul, Korea at the Brian Allgood Army Hospital. Weighing 8 pounds and 5.2 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long.  

This pic was taken by one of the OR nurses only about 10 minutes after Spencer was born. I was still on the operating table.

And me and Spencer only 2 1/2 hours before Spencer was born. 

Daddy in his nifty OR scrubs - in just a few minutes they roll me into the OR for the spinal and to prep for surgery.

My OR team was fantastic and helped me keep as calm as I could be. The spinal was really easy and I appreciated that my team was completely focused on me and my surgery (vs talking about what they were going to have for lunch).  During my last C-section there were over 20 people in the room for a teaching opportunity so I also liked the smaller team. Cooper was delivered extremely quickly but Spencer took a while longer so Owen was able to see much more of the surgery this time (kudos for not passing out!). When he was finally delivered and started to cry is when I felt that rush of overwhelming emotion. It felt like ages until I could hold him but it was worth the wait.

... And welcome to the world! 

Just a few minutes after Spencer was born. 

Another photo that I didn't get to see until much later - Spencer's first bath. I was still in recovery at this point but Owen was with him the entire time.

Cooper meeting Spencer for the first time. Cooper gave Spencer the little bear and Spencer gave Cooper a train - Cooper liked Spence immediately! 

Cooper took to Spencer very quickly. This was the very first shots of Cooper getting to hold his new baby brother and he's very excited! 

Cooper giving Spencer baby brother kisses. Heartbreakingly sweet. 

Spencer and his daddy.

3rd day in the hospital before being discharged. Spencer loves having his hands free and in his mouth.

We have a GREAT sleeper on our hands - yay!

In love.

A note on Spencer's middle name: 
Spencer's middle name is short for my maiden name - Dukatnik. My big brother went by Duke in the Army and my dad even had a band called the Duke Brother's growing up. Cooper's middle name is a family named passed down on Owen's side so we wanted Cooper to have that connection on my side. Plus, Duke is just cool.