Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spencer's 3 month update!

Spencer's 3 month update:

  • He truly is the best baby. Extremely mellow and very sweet and happy.
  • Smiles a lot - when eating, when tickled, kissed, sang to or smiled at
  • His feet are ticklish
  • He loves to be sang to
  • He eats like a horse and is getting chunkier by the day to prove it!
  • He typically gets up only 1 time a night. Once he eats he falls right back to sleep.
  • He doesn't really cry but every once in a while he'll do trembly-frowny-lip and it's heartbreaking
  • He has an adoring and very protective big brother

Friday, March 8, 2013

2 years and 2 months

Cooper turned 2 years old and Spencer turned 2 months old just a day apart! Here's what our boys are up to:

  • He smiles, big, sweet smiles on purpose. If you smile down at him he'll smile back up and when they're really big he coos too. 
  • He loves his playmat - he smiles and gets very excited at the moving birds and music.
  • He's a great sleeper. He's already sleeping about 8 hours straight - typically he goes to bed at 9pm and doesn't wake to eat until about 5a or even 6a and then will fall back asleep until 8a or 9a. 
  • Hates the pacifier. I should be glad but that sucker really comes in handy in the first year and he just refuses all models!
  • Still on 100% mommy's milk which I'm proud of because... it's hard work! He does both nurse and take pumped milk from a bottle - thank goodness because this baby seriously eats all the time and about 30 ounces during the day.
  • He's a very mellow baby - he hardly cries and if he does it's only for food.
  • He has a lot of body strength already! He'll be in the jumper pretty early on. 

  • He's learning new words and putting together new 2-3 sentences everyday. Right now his most used are "that one," "there it is," "milk please," "bye bye dada," "it's okay baby," "where's the baby?," "where'd the baby go?"
  • His favorite things in order are: trains, Winnie the Pooh (especially "e-awh' or Eeyore), any other transportation, balls, rocks/sticks/mud.
  • He likes the baby an awful lot! He is very protective and always wants to make sure that he can see him at all times.
  • He loves to run - he'll often run laps in the house, always wants to play chase and unfortunately takes off in a sprint at any given time.
  • He's very sweet and polite. He'll give big bye-byes, hugs and kisses and always says please and thank you. 
  • He can be quite the little turkey too - especially when tired or thirsty . He has such a personality and is very extroverted with his feelings. 
  • His fav foods are: ravioli, corn on the cob, beans, dry waffles, cheese sticks and he likes to drink milk.
  • He still loves his crib so we're not going to move him into a toddler bed until he's ready.