Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 14: Fruit, Baby names and the most FAQ

Week 14:
Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

1. We officially have a 3.4 inch lemon according to The Bump's fruit scale.
Also according to The Bump our little lemon is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, and (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys and spleen continue developing. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth.

Image by NatalieDee

2. Sleeping for two has let up.
Thank goodness. I was getting more than my fair share of beauty sleep.
3. Meat aversion still present.

Image by Sweet Meats
4. Stealing peaks of baby nursery decorating ideas.
The only decision made so far is that I want the walls painted with this pattern (Owen is really excited to figure this one out):

Babies R Us My Baby Sweet Pea
and our baby definetely needs a chandelier:

Babies R Us Daniella Cocalo Nursery

5. Picked out some baby name options:
We've always loved the name Cooper and have had the name in mind for the last 8 years. Besides loving the name it also holds some extra sentimental value. Not only is it's Owen's best friend's last name but it's also the married name of my mom's best friend that I was named after - Melissa Cooper.

We've contemplated girl names for years - like 7 years. Mom and dad visited a couple of weeks ago and under the shade of the gazebo with Sonic drinks in-hand (of course!) we landed on the name Grace. I love it. The meaning. The reference to Grace Kelly and Will & Grace. And of course that when she's a baby we can call her Gracie. Awww.

6. Most asked question: Do you want a boy or a girl?
As of week 14 this is our official answer:

Kande: Either. I would love a boy first so our girl can have a big brother and I love those tiny men. But I also want a girl, for all of the girly-girl reasons I can think of.
Owen: Wants a boy because he thinks they'll be easier for the first. Also, he said he needs to secure his future cub scout. He does say that as long as there isn't too much pink he would love a sweet, cute little girl just as much.  

About 4-5 weeks until we find out! 
Image by Fashion Fucsia
Week 15 of 40 here we come...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first trimester in pictures

We started this blog to share our journey to parenthood from the bump to the baby. Join us during the last two trimesters and beyond. But first here is a review of just what happened in the first trimester:

June 19 (week 4) | Found out we were pregnant! We'll remember this day and the overwhelming feeling of elation forever.

June 22 (week 5) | Confirmed we were pregnant and got our first ultrasound:

July 2 (week 6) | Doctor's checkup and got our second ultrasound and heard the heartbeat! The baby is now .305 cm:

July 2 (week 6) | Announced the news to our immediate families and then swore them to secrecy. This was especially hard for my mom who was ready to tell the world... and update her Facebook bio to "... hoping for more" to "...and one on the way." She's so cute and can't wait to have another baby around.

July 15 (week 8): Doctor's check-up and got our third ultrasound. The baby is now 1.90 cm.

July 16 (week 9) | Announced the news to our work colleagues.
I announced it to my friends at Third Degree with custom fortune cookies after our company sushi birthday party. There were fortunes like: 'A friend around you will soon change shape', 'On February 24, 2011 great things are coming,' and "When the world is falling apart don't forget the bun in the oven. -Chinese Proverb.' Owen announced it to his work friends one by one.

July 23 (week 10) | My birthday! Owen bought me these so we couldn't help but announce it on Facebook with this post and picture: "Thanks for the b-day wishes- look what Owen got me! What do you think, in 6 mos will it be a boy or a girl?"

July 23-August 1 (week 11) | Went on a 7-day Caribbean Cruise with family. I was blessed with an easy first trimester but the symptom of being tired plagued me during this trip - I've never been so completely exhausted! This is also the week that I started my only food aversion so far - meat. This unfourtanetely started the night we had all you can eat lobster on the menu. Go figure.

August 19 (wk 13) | Met with our OBGYN and got another ultrasound. For the first time you can make out a baby!  The first shot was of the baby looking right at the camera but I guess he/she is a little camera shy as the baby just wouldn't turn back around.

Now that the first trimester is over we  have a lot to do and think about in the next 6 months to prepare for our wonderful new life ahead. We can't wait to share the journey with you.