Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 34: The Whitharral Shower

Week 34 baby:

Baby is about 4 3/4 pounds this week, about the size of a cantaloupe.

And according to he is about 18.5 inches long.

This week we had our Whitharral Baby Shower. It felt a little like going to a family reunion - so many friends and faces we haven't seen in quite a while!

Note: This post may start a little bare as I still need to gather photos from everyone (I was so busy I didn't take one with my own camera!).

My hostesses were wonderful and put together an adorable shower. Thanks to the following lovely ladies:  Nancy, Jolanna, Kelly, Carla, Linda, Karol, Angie, Cathy, Teri, Julie and Gayle

{insert beautiful group shot here}

The decorations for the cakes matched the nursery design perfectly! Very clever.

{insert shot of the yummy cake and diaper cake here}

When it was time to open presents I felt a little guilty! I haven't seen some of these friends in years and years and here I was coming in a swooping up a half room full of presents. But it was soon clear that time plays no role in friendships... so, shall we open presents? 

My wonderful hostesses got me my stroller and car seat travel system from Eddie Bauer which we adore... and, of course picked out to match the new Acadia
and my Grandma Bigspring got us the matching playyard!

and mom got us the matching high chair!

One of my very favorite gifts was brought by Owen's mom. The card said the gift was from Great, great Jemma Boddy which is Owen's great grandmother that passed away years ago. I then saw with the card a baby picture of Owen and his dad with a sweet blue blanket. Then I saw it... the blanket from the photo. I broke down in tears in front of everyone... and Stacia did too (and she isn't a softy like me!).

{insert baby blanket photo here}

Another unique gift was from my sister and her fiance and was made by Bearly Making It - Angie & Cameron Dockery. They commissioned a custom chainsaw carving of our dachshunds, Calvin & Hobbes with a cute sign that said Owen, Kande & Cooper. Awwww. What a thoughtful gift!

{insert super cute shot of the doxie carving here}

The shower was wonderful and helped us to just about have everything (and more) that we needed and wanted for our bundle of joy! 

Thank you to all of our family and friends for all of the wonderful gifts at the shower: Brenda & Kirk Layton, Shirley Grant, Kay Goad, Rosetta Polk, Marianne & Linda Dobrovolny, Sue & Don McMillon, Allison Branch, Grandma Big Spring, Dorothy Douglas, Jimmie Wade & Sharon Hook, Joli Dockery, Nancy & David Hein, Justin, Summer & Ryder Stracener, Jerry Vinson, Barbara Grant, the Payne Gang, Grandma Madera, Patti Ratliff & Joli Gray, Lou Ann Ellison, Ken & Melanie Hoskins, Jamie, Will & Rylee Hoskins, Larry & Paula Wade, Donna Wheeler, Cyndy Kristinek, Tommy, Monica, & kids Staggs, Bobbye Pylant, Fredda Kristinek, Danny & Tressa Dukatnik, Chelsea & Jason Dobrovolny, Crystal & Wayne Riggins, Stacia Dukatnik & Trenton Priddy, Sue Ann, Nancy Paris, Jolanna Martin, Kelly Baker, Carla Kristinek, Karol Albus, Angie Dockery, Cathy Stracener, Teri Morris, Julie Polk and Gayle Branch.

Next week we'll be working to organize all of the gifts and then we have our birthing class all day on Saturday. We look forward to updating you on week 35 then!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 33: Let the showers begin!

Baby: This week baby weighs about 4 pounds and is as big as a pineapple. 

This week's appointment went well with the baby's heartbeat at 154, measuring well and facing down. My blood pressure was also looking good and doc was impressed that I only gained two pounds over the holidays (phew!).

This week we had our first shower at Third Degree Advertising. I am so fortunate to work with so many wonderful friends.

The shower was decorated in the nursery colors and was sushi-themed complete with a full spread of sushi, edamame and a cute sushi diaper creation made by Caroline

... and we also had homeade cupcakes and punch from baking conisseur, Natalie.

Note: These aren't the actual cupcakes Natalie made... those went too fast!
The Third Degree team chipped in to get us a Pack n' Play and two canvas bins of items from our registry including onesies, bottoms, socks, pacifiers, bath accessories, a windshield shade and diapers.

This week we also got a ton of clothes from friends Nick and Nicole.

... gifts from our friends, Greg, Natalie and little Xavier that moved to Germany on Thursday.

... another set of sweet cards from Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Stan. We also recently received books about boys from them that are great... and I'm sure we'll be needing before we know it!

And we scheduled our baby birthing class and worked on preparing the house for upcoming showers and baby's arrival.

Only 4 more weeks until baby is done cookin' and 7 more until the typical 40 week term!

Week 32: Babymoon, anniversary and New Year's

Week 32 of 40
Baby: This week baby weighs around 3.75 pounds and for the next 5 weeks he should gain about .5 pounds a week. He's also been very active - especially in the middle of the night which they say is an indicator of his schedule once born... yay.
Mom and dad: This week we continued our vacation with a little babymoon/anniversary trip to a B&B and spa in the Arbuckle Mountains. 

Echo Canyon Spa & Resort
Echo Canyon had fantastic food like a 3-course breakfast with fruit made from their orchards and dinners consisting of wonderful entrees including filet minon, duck, and shrimp.

We also had one of the largest rooms that was really nice  - we spent a lot of time sleeping in, watching movies and enjoying lounging around!

The first day we did venture out and took a little trip to the Arbuckle mountain Turner Falls. Although I couldn't do a lot of vertical hiking to explore the caverns...
Check Owen out at the top.
we did get a good workout exploring attractions that involved stairs!

And we checked out the waterfalls at Turner Falls.

After a hearty breakfast and checkout we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness where we did a really fun drive-through tour of the animals. Here is a couple of shots from the tour.

Owen feeding the hungry camel through the sun roof!

This sweet one followed us for a half a mile. He reminded me of Falcor from Never Ending Story.

Closest we've been to a zebra!

These guys had the funniest expressions.
After that adventure we headed to Ft. Worth to have a late Christmas and New Year's with Owen's side of the family. The first stop was of course Cabella's for Owen.

We had a great little Christmas with lots of baby gifts...

a tour of the Dallas Cowboy's stadium with Owen's parents...

and a celebration of New Year's!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 31: Christmas break and family time

Week 31 of 40
Baby:  This week baby weighs about 3.5 pounds - as much as 4 navel oranges.
What is baby doing all day? According to What to Expect he's making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, pedaling along with his little hands and feet and sucking his thumb. He's also busy plumping up for his arrival. Check out how a typical 31 week'er looks:

Mom and Dad:
Week 31 started a little stressful (with the impending holidays, work and the overarching fear of having the baby super early) but ended with Christmas and wonderful time with family.
This year’s time with family ranks among one of my favorite years. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!

On Christmas Eve, before we drove to Whitharral, Owen and I did Christmas morning - making breakfast, watching White Christmas, and opening presents. My favorite gift from Owen was Petunia Picklebottom bags which I completely adore.

Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag

Petunia Picklebottom touring bag

Petunia Picklebottom stroller blanket

On Christmas morning we got up early, checked out my little nephew, Haydn’s Santa loot then drove to Big Spring to spend time with family. 
It was a perfect day… until thieves broke into two of our cars and got away with my iPhone, money, gift and credit cards. The good news is that Owen found at least the empty purse, wallet and my ID in the alley... oh, and as Haydn proclaimed that "it's okay, we found it!, we found your money!" he handed me $1.50 in change - sweet, sweet boy.

Christmas night we came home and opened presents. My family does a not-so-secret Santa gift exchange where everyone draws a name and buys gifts for just that person – except Haydn, he gets gifts from everyone of course.
The gift-giving was epic with Trenton and Cody battling it out for the best wrapping (sealed feed bag or a Wiley Sprayer bow and box) and dad trumping all of our gift-giving efforts with a poem and a pair of keys to mom’s brand new Kabota tractor!

Sister knows me better than I knew! She drew me and without asking a question about what I wanted picked out everything I would have asked for including Big Sexy hair products, a Starbucks gift set, black and white paisley frame, signature coffee cup and makeup products all tucked in an adorable little trunk. We're such girls. Thanks sister!   

And Trenton also knows Owen all too well gifting him a gun safe.

Next week Owen and I will head out to spend a couple of days in the Arbuckle Mountains for our anniversary, babymoon and week 32! We'll also spend a late Christmas with Owen's side of the family. Should be an eventful week.