Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 32: Babymoon, anniversary and New Year's

Week 32 of 40
Baby: This week baby weighs around 3.75 pounds and for the next 5 weeks he should gain about .5 pounds a week. He's also been very active - especially in the middle of the night which they say is an indicator of his schedule once born... yay.
Mom and dad: This week we continued our vacation with a little babymoon/anniversary trip to a B&B and spa in the Arbuckle Mountains. 

Echo Canyon Spa & Resort
Echo Canyon had fantastic food like a 3-course breakfast with fruit made from their orchards and dinners consisting of wonderful entrees including filet minon, duck, and shrimp.

We also had one of the largest rooms that was really nice  - we spent a lot of time sleeping in, watching movies and enjoying lounging around!

The first day we did venture out and took a little trip to the Arbuckle mountain Turner Falls. Although I couldn't do a lot of vertical hiking to explore the caverns...
Check Owen out at the top.
we did get a good workout exploring attractions that involved stairs!

And we checked out the waterfalls at Turner Falls.

After a hearty breakfast and checkout we headed to Arbuckle Wilderness where we did a really fun drive-through tour of the animals. Here is a couple of shots from the tour.

Owen feeding the hungry camel through the sun roof!

This sweet one followed us for a half a mile. He reminded me of Falcor from Never Ending Story.

Closest we've been to a zebra!

These guys had the funniest expressions.
After that adventure we headed to Ft. Worth to have a late Christmas and New Year's with Owen's side of the family. The first stop was of course Cabella's for Owen.

We had a great little Christmas with lots of baby gifts...

a tour of the Dallas Cowboy's stadium with Owen's parents...

and a celebration of New Year's!

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