Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 40 | Monday: Doc appointment & scheduled C-section

Monday, February 21: Today we had our 40 week doctor's appointment at 8:30am. We started the appointment with all of the standards: blood pressure and weight for mom and heartrate and position for baby.

Next, our doctor checked for dilation and effacement and that was the first indicator that things may not be progressing along, naturally, as well as we would like. She then tried to determine his position in the pelvic cavity and wasn't able to pinpoint if he was down into position so she did an ultrasound. The ultrasound picture showed us that baby was doing perfect (8 of 8) but that he was very highly positioned. From just these two factors the doctor determined that Cooper may not be dropped because the pelvic cavity's too small for him to be able to. This coupled with a family history, my small frame, a bit of high blood pressure, and the unprogressing cervix and our doctor reluctantly made the recommendation for us to have a C-section.  Our doctor explained that she very rarely makes this recommendation but there were so many factors that it just didn't look promising that we'd be able to have him naturally.

After a thorough explanation of our options we made the decision to move forward with her recommendation. Our next question was when and she said "how's Wednesday?" We knew it was obviously going to happen soon but Wednesday?... well, was Wednesday - as in two days away! After this conversation and because of the high blood pressure she wanted us to take some labs taken and told us to be prepared for a possible Tuesday C-section! 

So, after a full lab work-up and an hour later of giving work and our families a heads-up our doctor called and first reassured us that baby was doing great but that she'd like to do the C-section Tuesday morning at 7:30am. This was all happening very quickly! So, Owen and I both finished up a few tasks and he picked me back up around lunch to head home. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon not only letting it sink in but getting prepared which meant cleaning the house, finishing packing the hospital bags, completing a list of work tasks and picking up my parents from the airport.

We got to bed that night around 10:30pm both very excited and looking forward to the journey we were about to begin.

As expected it was a rough night of sleep for me so I got up around 2am and finished up some work-related tasks until about 4:30pm. My alarm was set to go off at 5:15am so for the next 45 minutes I dozed on and off. At

5:15am the best day of our lives will begin...

Week 39: Final week before expected due date!

This week is Feb. 14-21 - the due date is Feb. 22!

We're getting close to the due date!

Monday: At this week's doctor's appointment baby's heartbeat was at 150 and doc feels like he is about 7 pounds. It's so cool that by a couple of quick placements of my doctor's hands she can determine position and approximate weight. I was also checked for any dilation and there has been no progress made in that department - looks like Cooper is comfortable just where he is!

Tuesday: At this week's TFCU client meeting I was greeted by cupcakes and roses from the marketing team. They also gave us a check for Cooper's first SaveAbles account. So thoughtful and sweet - thanks guys!

Wednesday: Owen and I went to get my military ID replaced today (from when it was stolen on Christmas Day). After receiving my completed ID I realized that it probably isn't the best of ideas to get a new picture/ID when 9 months pregnant. I might look just a little puffy! 

Thursday: Thursday evening was eventful as I had some hard contractions throughout the evening. These felt different than the ones I've had since December. They were stronger and I couldn't help cry through a couple of them - but maybe that was just on account of the story about Jacee on American Idol!

Friday: Friday morning I started having those same contractions again. I had to make a tough decision on whether to make the trek into work as it was going to take a lot of effort as I was also extremely sore from Thursday. I determined that if labor was immenent, even in the next couple of days it would be good to get a few things complete at the office - so I made it happen!

I worked from the office a half day and spent a bit cleaning off my desk, packing my snacks and refrigerator food and completed a few more hand-offs of accounts to my fellow coworkers... you know just in case. Hopefully this didn't jinx us!  

Saturday: The annual Addy awards was on Saturday. Originally we decided not to go because it was so close to the due date but as of Thursday we made the call to attend. It was a great night although we might be expecting a few more of those puffy photos!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 38: Nursery completion, poker shower

This week (Feb. 7 - Feb. 14) baby is about 6.8 pounds and evidently the size of a leek (seriously, who decides that my baby is the size of a leek?).

Mom and Dad: Wednesday we had another snowstorm that kept us cooped in the house again for the day. I worked a full-day from home but what great timing for me to be able to work in pajamas! The rest of the work week went pretty smoothly and quickly for us.

On Friday Owen and I completed our project for Cooper's name over the crib. We purchased the letters at My Baby Sam, and the ribbon and the corduroy tacks at Hobby Lobby:

We also finally received our bedding from Target which was delayed a few times due to the snowstorms: 

I displayed a few final accessories like this cute glass turquoise bird:

And, I had Owen switch up the placement of the furniture a bit to provide a little more height balance in the room and it made a big difference. Next to the crib we've placed the small dresser that will double as our changing table. Our tall dresser is against the opposite wall. And the little nightstand is centered on the back wall and will serve as a little table next to the glider that is on its way.

Speaking of that glider - we still are missing just a few elements including this glider we've ordered from Babies R Us which should arrive next week. We're planning on placing this in the left-hand corner of the room. A note about this glider - it was MADE for me. My feet actually touch the floor and it's the perfect depth and the perfect height for my 5 foot 2 inch frame!:
On Saturday I started the day with a much needed massage and final pre-baby hair appointment. Then Owen and I headed into town to pick up food and supplies for the poker shower that we decided to throw at the last minute.

We invited friends over for a fun night complete with tacos...

and poker with a buy-in of diapers...
Our sweet friends not only showed up with what was equivalent to about 900 diapers they also showered us with other gifts like a huge box of wipes, baby clothes and baby bath accessories and supplies. Thanks friends! Now if you only could all take turns changing those diapers we would be set!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 37: Full-term, snowstorm, sleepless nights

We are now officially full-term! This realization that labor could start at any time has put me on an emotional rollercoaster.

This rollercoaster keeps me up at all hours of the night because of mini anxiety attacks not to mention all of the symptoms that accompany my ninth month (none worse than restless legs). But the beautiful thing is that much of the anxiety is just butterflies for the anticipation of meeting our baby.

To lighten things up let's talk veggie/fruit of the week! Cooper weighs about 6 and one third pounds and measures about 19 inches. He's evidently as long as a swiss chard.

I took off work on Monday to complete some errands and then we had a record-setting snow storm that put us out of the office for Tuesday and Wednesday. Owen was also out on Thursday and because of more snow and temperatures I left a bit early on Friday. So, this work week went by very quickly.

On Thursday our good friends Chris and Meredith Cooper had their second baby by emergency c-section at 31 weeks along. Colleen Susan Cooper was born 3.50 pounds. We think sweet Colleen and Cooper will be great friends some day.

Throughout the week Owen's been adding layers of varnish, then Friday he added hardware and Saturday we were able to move the furniture into the nursery!

And now the part I've been waiting for... the finalization of the nursery organization. Check back next week to see pictures!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Week 36: Furniture, bedding and thank yous

Week 36 - the last week before we are considered full-term! Baby is about the size of a crenshaw melon (I've never heard of one either but I found a picture!).

This week we had a doctor's appointment that went great. Baby's size and heartbeat are great. My blood pressure and weight were the same as the week before so those are doing well too. One more piece of good news is that I tested negative for Group b Strep.

My favorite part of week 36 was probably Owen's least as he spent the entire weekend in the garage working on the monumental task of stripping, sanding, repairing and repainting my old baby furniture for Cooper. Who am I kidding? He loved every second of this manly project!
Owen's garage paint booth

Stripped, sanded and repaired dresser

Painted dresser

Unsightly injury on Owen's side from the saw kicking back a piece of wood. eek!

Meanwhile, since it's hard for me to stay standing for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, I spent much of Saturday sunbathing and writing thank you notes.

I also spent some time doing a little online shopping for the last of our necessities (and wants). The wants included some cute brown and white polka dot letters for Cooper's name over the crib. I may attach and hang the letters with some kraft twine and an orange ribbon to bring in that color element from the bird vinyls to the name plate.
And after months and months of looking at bedding sets I finally found this set at Target and decided to snatch it up. I especially like the stripe detail on the inside of the bumper.  
Because of the stripes on the bumper I chose this striped changing pad cover from Target as well.
Next week I'm hoping to get the furniture in the room and finish organizing to put us one step closer to being ready for Cooper to come home!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 35: Getting schooled

We've officially hit 35 weeks and baby is about 5.5 pounds and as big as a computer monitor according to His Boys Can Swim.

This week baby is plumping up his fat deposits so that when born he can keep warm on his own. His lungs are most likely still developing as well.

Mom has the typical late third trimester symptoms as well including sleepless nights and the intense pelvic bone bain I've had since the second trimester. Another symptom that I have is restless leg syndrome which evidently can happen to pregnant women. Note: if you are one of those that think it's something made up by the pharmaceutical companies I'm here to tell you that it is not! It's perhaps the most annoying symptom, especially when you aren't able to sleep well anyway.

This week Owen and I went to a 9-5 birthing class at the hospital we'll be delivering at. Overall the information was really good (although the teacher was definetely very slanted to have an all natural birth) and we're both glad we're attended. We learned about laboring options as well as the postpartum part of the process. We also got to tour our birthing facility and are very pleased about our birthing suite - it's very nice!

Onto week 36!