Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 38: Nursery completion, poker shower

This week (Feb. 7 - Feb. 14) baby is about 6.8 pounds and evidently the size of a leek (seriously, who decides that my baby is the size of a leek?).

Mom and Dad: Wednesday we had another snowstorm that kept us cooped in the house again for the day. I worked a full-day from home but what great timing for me to be able to work in pajamas! The rest of the work week went pretty smoothly and quickly for us.

On Friday Owen and I completed our project for Cooper's name over the crib. We purchased the letters at My Baby Sam, and the ribbon and the corduroy tacks at Hobby Lobby:

We also finally received our bedding from Target which was delayed a few times due to the snowstorms: 

I displayed a few final accessories like this cute glass turquoise bird:

And, I had Owen switch up the placement of the furniture a bit to provide a little more height balance in the room and it made a big difference. Next to the crib we've placed the small dresser that will double as our changing table. Our tall dresser is against the opposite wall. And the little nightstand is centered on the back wall and will serve as a little table next to the glider that is on its way.

Speaking of that glider - we still are missing just a few elements including this glider we've ordered from Babies R Us which should arrive next week. We're planning on placing this in the left-hand corner of the room. A note about this glider - it was MADE for me. My feet actually touch the floor and it's the perfect depth and the perfect height for my 5 foot 2 inch frame!:
On Saturday I started the day with a much needed massage and final pre-baby hair appointment. Then Owen and I headed into town to pick up food and supplies for the poker shower that we decided to throw at the last minute.

We invited friends over for a fun night complete with tacos...

and poker with a buy-in of diapers...
Our sweet friends not only showed up with what was equivalent to about 900 diapers they also showered us with other gifts like a huge box of wipes, baby clothes and baby bath accessories and supplies. Thanks friends! Now if you only could all take turns changing those diapers we would be set!

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