Friday, February 11, 2011

Week 37: Full-term, snowstorm, sleepless nights

We are now officially full-term! This realization that labor could start at any time has put me on an emotional rollercoaster.

This rollercoaster keeps me up at all hours of the night because of mini anxiety attacks not to mention all of the symptoms that accompany my ninth month (none worse than restless legs). But the beautiful thing is that much of the anxiety is just butterflies for the anticipation of meeting our baby.

To lighten things up let's talk veggie/fruit of the week! Cooper weighs about 6 and one third pounds and measures about 19 inches. He's evidently as long as a swiss chard.

I took off work on Monday to complete some errands and then we had a record-setting snow storm that put us out of the office for Tuesday and Wednesday. Owen was also out on Thursday and because of more snow and temperatures I left a bit early on Friday. So, this work week went by very quickly.

On Thursday our good friends Chris and Meredith Cooper had their second baby by emergency c-section at 31 weeks along. Colleen Susan Cooper was born 3.50 pounds. We think sweet Colleen and Cooper will be great friends some day.

Throughout the week Owen's been adding layers of varnish, then Friday he added hardware and Saturday we were able to move the furniture into the nursery!

And now the part I've been waiting for... the finalization of the nursery organization. Check back next week to see pictures!

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