Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week 39: Final week before expected due date!

This week is Feb. 14-21 - the due date is Feb. 22!

We're getting close to the due date!

Monday: At this week's doctor's appointment baby's heartbeat was at 150 and doc feels like he is about 7 pounds. It's so cool that by a couple of quick placements of my doctor's hands she can determine position and approximate weight. I was also checked for any dilation and there has been no progress made in that department - looks like Cooper is comfortable just where he is!

Tuesday: At this week's TFCU client meeting I was greeted by cupcakes and roses from the marketing team. They also gave us a check for Cooper's first SaveAbles account. So thoughtful and sweet - thanks guys!

Wednesday: Owen and I went to get my military ID replaced today (from when it was stolen on Christmas Day). After receiving my completed ID I realized that it probably isn't the best of ideas to get a new picture/ID when 9 months pregnant. I might look just a little puffy! 

Thursday: Thursday evening was eventful as I had some hard contractions throughout the evening. These felt different than the ones I've had since December. They were stronger and I couldn't help cry through a couple of them - but maybe that was just on account of the story about Jacee on American Idol!

Friday: Friday morning I started having those same contractions again. I had to make a tough decision on whether to make the trek into work as it was going to take a lot of effort as I was also extremely sore from Thursday. I determined that if labor was immenent, even in the next couple of days it would be good to get a few things complete at the office - so I made it happen!

I worked from the office a half day and spent a bit cleaning off my desk, packing my snacks and refrigerator food and completed a few more hand-offs of accounts to my fellow coworkers... you know just in case. Hopefully this didn't jinx us!  

Saturday: The annual Addy awards was on Saturday. Originally we decided not to go because it was so close to the due date but as of Thursday we made the call to attend. It was a great night although we might be expecting a few more of those puffy photos!

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