Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 35: Getting schooled

We've officially hit 35 weeks and baby is about 5.5 pounds and as big as a computer monitor according to His Boys Can Swim.

This week baby is plumping up his fat deposits so that when born he can keep warm on his own. His lungs are most likely still developing as well.

Mom has the typical late third trimester symptoms as well including sleepless nights and the intense pelvic bone bain I've had since the second trimester. Another symptom that I have is restless leg syndrome which evidently can happen to pregnant women. Note: if you are one of those that think it's something made up by the pharmaceutical companies I'm here to tell you that it is not! It's perhaps the most annoying symptom, especially when you aren't able to sleep well anyway.

This week Owen and I went to a 9-5 birthing class at the hospital we'll be delivering at. Overall the information was really good (although the teacher was definetely very slanted to have an all natural birth) and we're both glad we're attended. We learned about laboring options as well as the postpartum part of the process. We also got to tour our birthing facility and are very pleased about our birthing suite - it's very nice!

Onto week 36!

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