Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Curbside Service

Our life here on Osan Air Base is supremely convenient... I mean c'mon even McDonald's delivers! Okay, this isn't actually on-base delivery but these mopeds are right outside of the main gate. Bulgogi burgers to-go anyone? 

McDonald's delivery mopeds

Our house is located within walking distance to just about anything we need. When Cooper and I need to run an errand I simply pull his stroller up to his door, he leaves his tractor (or anything with wheels) behind and we go down the elevator and take the 5 minute stroll to the grocery store or the library.

And then we can simply pull the basket into the kitchen to unload. 

Or after a short 10 minute walk we can be at the post office, cleaners, or shopping outside of the main gate in the Sontan Outdoor Market.

And, in 10 minutes we can also be at the BX (the military walmart) - and when we buy more than we can carry thought there are taxis that can take you anywhere on base for about $2. 

Osan Air Base taxi

Cooper's playground is just around the corner - to get there we only need to walk down one hallway. He loves playing - but mostly he loves watching the big kids play and giggling at the puppies being walked. 

Cooper (in the green frog hat) on his playground. 

When neither Owen or I are in the mood to cook dinner (or breakfast or lunch for that matter) every restaurant on base delivers in under an hour including Chili's - now if only Starbucks would get on board! 

Osan AB Chili's (courtesy of C. Fung)

To take our trash or recyclables out we walk just a few steps - 52 to be exact - down our hallway and down the chute it goes.

To visit friends we usually just hop on our elevator and head up to one of the 13 floors of our towers - sometimes in our socks. 

Side view of the Hallasan Towers. 

Our day-to-day life is undoubtedly easier and even though we know it will eventually become, perhaps stale - for now we're going to enjoy the simple life. 


  1. It sure is! Now that we have a car we'll be able to venture out even more:)