Saturday, March 24, 2012

Songtan Antique Furniture Shopping at MeWha and Kojeon's

On Thursday I went with a group of ladies 45 minutes into Songtan to visit two antique furniture shops. The first was the shop of Mr. Kim which I was excited to meet as he's a bit of superstar here - everyone has a Mr. Kim this or Mr. Kim that. He is the president of MeWha Furniture where you can buy furniture and some decor or you can also have furniture custom made. I've seen his gorgeous work in several custom pieces in our tower - needless to say we're already planning on what piece or pieces Mr. Kim can build for us!

This post is all about the photos. I'm still learning what the origin and meaning are of different pieces so there may not be a lot of description but there are lots of photos to browse through. And, the photos may not be the best but at least give me props for taking them all with my iPhone as I was juggling a 26 pound, active baby boy in the other arm (no room for strollers)!

Decorative furniture dusters (I actually took the large red one home with me)
Antique Chinese cabinet - one of the pieces I have my eye on to own
Asian basket - great for magazines storage and such 
Korean children's table and chairs modeled by my shopping buddy! 

Unique and very old North Korean blanket chest antique - used for storing your bedding while sleeping

Beautiful chest with Chinese writing on the inside

Chest full of drawers - I will own with all of these drawers before me leave here!

Chinese dining table

Inside of a jewelry box with gorgeous Chinese lettering.

Gorgeous tabletop piece 

My first purchase - larger furniture purchases will be made after we actually get the rest of our stuff here

The next stop was Kojeon Antique's. Kojeon is huge and has some amazing pieces. We were on a tight timeline to get back so I literally only had 6 minutes to look while Aimee watched a sleeping Cooper for me. I understand that this store caters to a different crowd and the prices can be a bit higher but they really have an eye for unique pieces.

Kitchenware table display

No blog post about furniture shopping in Asia would be complete without a pic of a gong!

Traditional Korean couch

Privacy screens

Close-up of an amazing armoire of these drawers - for a cool 6 grand I could own it...

Until next time Mr. Kim and Kojeon's!

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  1. Do you recall the price of the North Korean blanket chest with Chinese writing in it? Do you know how rare it is?