Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Month in Korea!

It's official - we've now been in Korea one month! 
Here's what we've been up to:

The Fam in a nutshell
We miss our puppies and we miss our friends and family but we've gotten to Skype and Facetime lots so, even though it's not the same it is great to be able to see their faces. We still are living without our stuff but the moving trucks will be bringing our household goods on Thursday - we're so excited! My obsession over the next couple of weeks (or months) will be getting the house just right. We're also starting to plan several 3 and 4 day weekends throughout the summer so we can travel and explore the country... and continent. Here's more about each of us.

We can see him growing and learning something new everyday - it really is a wonderful time to be home with him.

He's learned several new words this month. He now says words like bite, thank you, love you, momma, dadda, down (from his highchair), that, ball, duck, no...

He's also doing really well with table food - eating it for just about every meal. Some of his favorites are ravioli, chicken nuggets, bananas, yogurt, cheese, and bread. He also loves to snack on Mum Mums (rice cakes), Club crackers, veggie puffs and Cheerios. So far the things he consistently hates is green beans and chocolate. 

He has been on whole milk for the last month and we're actively working on phasing out the bottle completely - we're actually going on several days straight now. The paci is also on its way out but I'm not disciplined enough to go cold turkey on that sucker quite yet! 

His favorite thing to do is play chase and hide-'n-seek around the house - he loves the anticipation and loves it even more when he gets 'gotten' and tickled. It might be my favorite thing to do too! He also loves kicking the ball around, reading books, playing with puppets, and going on our daily stroller adventures.  

And, last Tuesday he turned 13 months old - what a big boy!

Owen is the ADO (Assistant Director of Operations) in his squadron and the MCC (Mission Crew Commander) on scope. Basically, this means that he supervises those providing command and control functions in the airspace. This base is very busy and he's been working some long days. In just the past month he's already taken part in a large exercise, gotten qualified as an MCC - with 70 flight hours, and is preparing for another large exercise next week. Owen also will be promoted to Major on June 1 - we're very proud of him and will start planning the party soon!

I'm getting the hang of lots of new all at once - besides living in Korea, the biggest change personally is transitioning from having a full-time career in advertising to being a stay-at-home mom. The great thing here is many women are in the same boat but if military spouses are good at anything it's persevering and making the best of things. So, that's what I've been doing with my little buddy by my side. 

I'm so anxious to do and see more but so far we've gotten to go to the Seoul Flower Market, the Songtan Outdoor Market several times, Songtan's Dream Depot, Pyeongtaek's E-Mart, antique furniture shopping, purse shopping, and enjoyed lots of great Korean cuisine. 

To support all of the shopping that I NEED to do here I've applied for a few blogging positions. My first post for an Australian car insurance company posts tomorrow and I'm writing a test post tonight for a social media guru position that I'm super excited about!

Also, this month I made my first meatloaf, my first batch of homeade biscotti, my first Asian ginger dressing and cooked more than probably the last 6 months combined! 

I've joined the Spouse's Club, already made some great friends and look forward to a wonderful 2 years here! 


  1. I can't believe how much Cooper is talking! We'd better get on the ball. Milo only says a few words. And there are blogging positions? Next time we FT I need to hear about that.

  2. He is always babbling on and on - my dad tells me that it's to pay for my raising (maybe I was a bit of a talker). He points to everything he sees with a questioning 'that?'. Soon enough after my reply he'll ask be asking 'why?'. Such a fun stage! Can't wait for our next FT date :)