Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Home Without The 'Stuff'

When we arrived in ROK last week we learned that our unaccompanied baggage would arrive by March 24 and our household goods by April 24. That meant we'd be living in our new home for a month or two without our 'stuff'. Thankfully, we're not the first or the last to make due with the suitcases we arrived with so the base lends furniture and household items. And, of course we have some new coworkers and friends who have been more than willing to lend us a few things as well.

And, actually there are a lot of pros to living without so much stuff - like having less to bog you down, feeling more organized and put together, and dwelling on the more important stuff. BUT because I'm a fan (of stuff) this post really isn't about that! 

Instead it's a quick view inside our new home without all of the 'stuff' that we'll soon be filling it with.

View from the living room into the dining room/kitchen.
View into the dining room with the loaner table/chairs.
View into the kitchen
Our cooking and spice cabinet
Drinking necessities: Starbucks, Sweet 'N Low for tea and Crystal Light
Perhaps a before and after session will be in order in a few months. 

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