Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 40 | Thursday: Testing, discovery and family

Thursday must have been a hard day for Cooper. It started at 7am when the pediatrician came in to take him for his circumcision and then he was given tests at least every hour throughout the rest of the day including testing for hearing, heart, jaundice, etc. All of which were perfect.

Cooper also discovered his hands today - grasping at our hands and his face. This prompted use of an embry board to trim and smooth down his tiny, but sharp! nails. 

With the help of medications I had a pretty good day. Although I did stay in bed a bit more today as my poor feet were swollen to what felt like twice their size.

Daddy and family:
Owen was able to have breakfast with Uncle Levi and aunt Jess before they headed back home. It was wonderful that they were able to be there for the birth and a couple of days. Thanks!

Papi and Nani helped us today by bringing some much needed supplies from home and were there to accept delivery of the chair we've been waiting on for the nursery. They, then spent the afternoon with us.

And Aunt Stacia and soon-to-be Uncle Trenton arrived Thursday evening. So wonderful to be surrounded by family and extra special for my sister to be able to be there.

Day 3 photos:

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