Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 40 | Friday: Coming Home

Today we brought Cooper home from the hospital!
Here's a quick review of how our day played out.

7:00am: My OB/GYN doc met with me for a final check-in to make sure it was okay with her to be discharged. We also had similar check-ins with the pediatrician, the nurse and the lactation consultants.

Morning: Owen headed out to get Cooper's social security card and birth certificate. It was a long process but he was able to get it all completed.

Early Afternoon: Dad helped Owen load up our car and mom and dad had to say goodbye. This was extremely emotional. Nani was pretty sad to have to go but spent the drive home planning the next trip to Oklahoma.

Mid-Afternoon: We completed all of our final paperwork and called for the head nurse to take Cooper and I down to the main lobby for Owen to pick us up. We got Cooper loaded in his car seat and headed out.

When we got home Cooper was sleeping but I still introduced him to each room of his home. Also, Stacia, Trenton, Jade and Haas were at the house and welcomed us with "It's a Boy" balloons and beer!

The rest of the day we spent together just enjoying Cooper and eachother's company. What a wonderful start to our family time together!

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