Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a BOY!

Cooper's Going To Have a Little Brother! 
Big brother's already ready to show little brother how to throw a ball! More pics below!

I've said this before but it bears repeating: any adventure here in Korea doesn't start with the event itself - it begins on the road there. With that said here's how the gender reveal appointment went down:

When we arrived we found out that by their mistake the ultrasound wasn't scheduled and then they said they won't actually schedule until 19/20 weeks (even though during the last appt. they said between 16 and 20). We told them I would be out of the country at that time and they said then they would do the gender ultrasound at 24 weeks when I arrived back to Osan.

Then, they tried for an hour and a half to hear the heartbeat. After an hour Owen had to go back to work but me and Cooper stayed while they unsuccessfully tried 3 different dopplers. Their answer to that was well when you come back for your ultrasound at 24 weeks then we'll get the heartbeat then. Really? Um, no not going to work for me... 

Finally, after some convincing the doctor called down to radiology and had them see me for an ultrasound to just hear the heartbeat. 

{before you read this the baby is fine}
So, I headed down with Cooper. The tech was great but the first thing on the screen was a heartbeat scanner with no heartbeat - again. His face was grimmaced and I said where's the heartbeat? He said I'm just trying to get it to show me... so then I finally broke down and said "but is it there?" He assured me that it was and then quickly got it to show-up on screen. I cried the rest of the appointment. 

I made quick friends with the tech so I used that to my advantage and soon he was showing me body parts, measuring the baby, showing me the face and movement and finally said do you want to know the sex? I said YES! but can you write it on a piece of paper for me? He said that he would but then totally gave it away by said ..."but if you can tell the parts on the screen then you'll know." 'The parts' can only mean one thing so I said "is it a boy?" and he said yes! 

After such an emotional rollercoaster I decided to head straight to Baskin Robbins where not only did I splurge on Pralines 'N Cream but I got it in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. I guess it's salad for dinner!

I was so excited that Cooper was going to have a little brother but I wouldn't be able to tell anyone until I could talk to Owen and he was scheduled to be on a mission until 9pm. 

I sent a quick email to daddy telling him to call me and finally at 6:00pm he was able to get away for a few minutes, hear the extended version of the appointment and then after his go-ahead I was able to tell him we were having a baby boy!

The appointment didn't go as anticipated but at least we learned the gender, saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. This week we'll head to the Korean OB Clinic to get some picture print outs. 

Now to start putting together the nursery and picking out a boy's name! 


  1. CONGRATS CONGRATS!! What an emotional roller coaster but great news at the end. So fun that Cooper will have a brother - they will be best friends in no time. :)
    - Laura Smith

  2. Love it! Love it! Consider tile behind the toilet in their bathroom. Personal experience speaks!

  3. Wow, I think I held my breath for that whole story. I am so excited for you and two little boys. If we have another I truly don't care if it is a boy or girl because we know how awesome little boys are!