Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Quilt: a fabric paradise

There are only a handful of stores, closeby anyway, that you learn about very quickly upon your arrival to Osan: Dream Depot, E-mart, HomePlus and Happy Quilt. 

I visited the first three within the first few weeks I was in town but it took a while to have a need to visit Happy Quilt. Owen, Cooper and finally drove the short 20 minutes to take a look around. 

Happy Quilt can make just about anything for you - curtains, pillows, bedspreads, etc. - at amazing prices and they have hundreds of choices like...

Anthropologie look-alikes:

I adore the middle roll of fabric - very Anthropologie. It actually reminds
me of the Finnia and Mantadia curtains I've been admiring for a while now. 

I think my Anthropology-loving friend Holly even has a shirt in this exact print.

Polka dots:

I love these pretty grown-up polka dots. They remind me of
my friend Jentry - sophisticated but stylish and girly.

Stripes & Script:

Paisley & Flowers:

I think of my friend Kriste everytime I see this paisley - or maybe
it's because she has 3 girls and this is nothing but girly!

And more:

These modern railroad tracks would be sweet in a little boy's train room.

Plus all the extras you need to DIY like this batting (with a side of Cooper):

So, yes they have hundreds of choices but I actually didn't find what I wanted* so my next trip will be to the Fabric Market in Seoul where they have 5 floors and literally thousands of fabric choices. 

*Wish me luck on my ongoing quest for large horizontal chocolate striped fabric (for living room curtains) and yellow or gray zig zags (for the new baby's nursery). 

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