Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coex Mall & Aquarium Visit

We've been excited to get to the Coex Complex since we arrived and finally had the opportunity to see both the Mall and the Aquarium. The mall had the most Western selection of food and shopping we've seen thus far but this trip was all about the Aquarium - well once we filled up on 'On The Border's' chips and guacomole!

Our favorite part about the Coex Aquarium is it seems to have been built with little ones in mind. The exhibits are built at a low level, and all on one track so even a toddler can walk the Aquarium rather than ride in a stroller.

And even when the exhibits were taller than Cooper there were always ledges for them to stand on. This was the piranha tank - eerie how the eyes are all glowing here:

Each exhibit had a different personality and/or region depicted by the environment, fish and other animals (like monkeys and penguins). These albino fish were in the Amazon area along with monkeys, hanging vines and a humid environment:

Another interesting area is the infamous weird fishtanks including phone booths, magazine racks, vending machines, this fridge and washing machine:

And a toilet bowl:

This beautiful exhibit was open on the top - you could easily stick your hand (or body) in without a problem... well, except for the stingrays and sharks that lived in the exhibit. Uh... maybe not such a great idea!  

While daddy and Cooper checked out the penguin exhibit I hung out with this guy. He was so cool and interacted with everything I did - it's fascinating how smart these creatures are. 

Until next time, (which just happens to be this Wednesday) Coex Aquarium!   

Tips to those living here:
  • Purchase the annual pass - the cost is somewhere around 17000 for one adult ticket or 38000 for an annual pass. 

  • There are lockers to store items that you don't want to carry with you for 1000 (like all of those mall purchases).

  • They ask you to leave your strollers before you enter the exhibit so if you have a non-walker a baby carrier is recommended. 


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