Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Splish! Splash!

This morning I was surfing and came across a post on the Osan Parents of Toddlers FB page about a trip to the Camp Humphreys' waterpark. Me and Cooper are always up for an adventure so in under two hours we were on a bus heading to Camp Humphreys for the day. 

Cooper wore his new surfboard swim trunks, his matching sailor hat and two layers of sunscreen (just to be sure). 

He was tentative of the water shooting up out of the ground but soon he got brave and had so much fun! 

And that warmed him up to start pointing out things all over the park he wanted to check out!

In the 1-2-3 ft pool he liked having me hold him on his tummy while he intuitively kicked his legs and paddled his hands. He's still getting the hang of the concept of water because he unknowingly dunked his face into the pool a couple of times - oops! 

I thought Cooper would like the little kiddie pool best but each time we visited he fussed to be held and then held onto my neck like he was hanging on for dear life. To a little two and a half footer it must have seemed like a landmine of water geysers. Although the dragon water slides were pretty cool! 

Pictured are the dragon slides plus 5 of the fleet of 20-30 Black Hawks flying nearby.
The next pool had an entire playground set under a foot and half of water - this turned out to be Cooper's favorite area. He enjoyed what probably seemed like a huge bathtub to him. He liked hanging out by the big slide and watching the big boys shoot out. He liked walking fast, while splashing from the shallow to deeper water. And he liked watching what our feet looked like under water. 

At the park there is also another larger playground set under deeper water with big slides, an Olympic size lap pool, a set of non-water playground equipment and all of the other amenities you would expect at a waterpark (like loads of sunning chairs and umbrellas, concessions and more). 

One of the big slides is pictured here plus more of the Black Hawk fleet
Along with our two new mommy friends and their toddlers we spent about 5 hours at the waterpark - lots of time in the water and lots of time hanging out under the shade of the umbrella. (That last part must be something he took from his daddy because if it was up to me I'd be sunning all day!)

It was such a fun day and after an accidental ride home* in a $20 taxi ride Cooper was completely wore out and hit the sack early. Worn out toddler = mission accomplished. 
*on account of another Korean language barrier communication mishap

There's a lot of splish splashing in mommy and Cooper's future this summer - that is if we can avoid the wayward taxi drivers. 


  1. Love the pointing picture. He's a rock star!

  2. I know this pic is my fav too! I have a series of probably 5 pics were he is pointing in every which direction. So cute!