Thursday, May 24, 2012

Playing Designer in Korea: New OOSC Look

Over the last few weeks I haven't been exactly a regular post'r so thought I would dedicate a whole post to what I was doing instead of blogging... 

About a month ago I took on the Publicity/Webmaster board position for the Osan Officers' Spouses' Club. One of my first charges was to create a brochure and info card. But before I could do that it was really important to create a consistent foundation for the look and feel of all OOSC collateral moving forward. Because I'm not a designer these probably took entirely too long to create but overall I'm excited about the results and the coming year with OOSC!  
Back cover / Front Cover of the OOSC brochure
Inside Spread of the OOSC Brochure

Design Notes:

Colors: The blues and red derive from the OOSC logo/patch as well as the Korean flag and the yellow is an accent pop of color that visually draws the eye and distinguishes from the other red/blue materials on base. 

Photography: Many of the photos used are a bit more stylized / purposeful without much background. I used individual and group spouse photos as well as a few cultural photos as well. 

Logo: The OOSC logo and FB logo will be used on all materials moving forward for consistency.

Tagline: A tagline was created as a quick way to explain what OOSC 'is' - social. cultural. philanthropic.These also became the page titles for the brochure pages. 

Fonts: Two fonts have been used in consistent sizes throughout the brochure. 
Back Side / Front Side of the OOSC Info Card 
OOSC Cookbook Information Flyer (with login u/p marked out)
Throughout the summer I'll be working on implementing the new design across our other platforms including the OOSC website and Facebook page. 

Looking forward to a great year!


  1. Girl - you have some TALENT!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I think I'll call the phenomenon 'designer osmosis' from all those years working with some of the best graphic artists around!