Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My second Mother's Day (okay, okay - weekend!) itinerary:

12-hour Seoul Zoo day. Super fun, exhausting and deserving of a whole separate post... coming soon.

Breakfast: Owen made homeade waffles - my all-time favorite breakfast. I had mine with bananas and peanut butter, Cooper takes his plain and daddy is a traditional butter and syrup kind of guy. Yum-o!

Morning: We attempted to call our moms on what would be the eve of Mother's Day for them but they weren't available. No worries - we found Trenton and Stacia and Granddad and Granboddy on Skype and had a great chat!

Lunch: Owen and Cooper had dinner plans so we ate a light lunch after Cooper woke up from his morning nap and then we headed into town to do a little shopping.

Early Afternoon: Owen and Cooper took my flower and pot shopping around Songtan. We bought 4 pots at the very first place and it was only 60,000 won (about $52). A great price and some lovely pots! 

We stopped at a couple of different flower stores but the last one was the goldmine. They had a wide variety of Asian-specific plants as well as the geranium-petunia-marigold type of mainstays and we purchased a little of each. We only spent another 60,000 won for enough flowers to fill the back of the Acadia... and our balcony. 

{pics coming}

Dinner: For dinner we went to a very traditional Korean eatery. Owen knew of it because he went there with some members of the Korean Air Force. 'Very traditional' sounds exciting but sometimes it's just hard. No high chair, no English, and often times you don't get exactly what you thought you were ordering. I ordered the bipimbop which is my favorite Korean dish but the recipe here was a bit different and it was actually a soup and the 'veggies' were seaweed and kimchi. It also came with seasoned raw meat that we grilled which I hadn't seen before. 

Owen got a very high-end cut of meat that was terrific. One of the traditional practices that carries over to even the most Western Korean restaurants is that of cooking your meat on the charcoal grill built into your table. As with every Korean meal it came with several side dishes in little bowls - various kimchis, salads and other things. We were full and Cooper was ready to go! 

Evening: It was just about Cooper's bedtime when we arrived home but they had one more present for mommy! They got me a custom-made purse out of a flight suit with pink lining and a patch with my name on it. Super cute and so thoughtful - I fell in love with this purse model a couple of months ago and daddy remembered! 

{pics coming}

Thank you to my boys for a wonderful Mother's Day! I love you both very, very much! 

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