Friday, June 1, 2012

a Major Accomplishment

After waiting for 18 months as Major Select today was the day that Owen pinned on Major! We had a promotion ceremony and party at his squadron so for all of our friends and family that couldn't be here this post is for you! 

At 4pm Owen, Cooper and I walked into the room and sat to the left of the presentation podium. The 621 ACS Squadron Commander, Col. Thomas gave a wonderful overview of Owen's career, our family and the Hein's long line of military service. 

Even though Owen and I have been together even before his commissioning hearing all of his accomplishments in such short order was impressive to say the least - he's been a Distinguished Grad, CGO of the year, CGO of the quarter, was a Flight Commander of one of the largest squadron's in the AF, has flown 1200 hours over Afghanistan and so much more. 

A proud moment made even prouder. 

After the oath...

It was time to make it official with the pin on ceremony. I removed the Captain bars from the left shoulder and pinned on the new Major rank. 

Then Cooper pinned on the right shoulder (with a little help from mommy). 

Now it was Major Owen Hein's turn to take the podium and say a few words. Owen said some thank you's all around and then said some beautiful words about our journey together for the last ten years and presented me with a gorgeous vase of flowers. As is customary he also gave a gift to Cooper - a baseball signed my Major Dad - nothing could be better for our little guy. 

Now to everyone's favorite part - food! 

A few of the squadron members made barbecue for the event. And these are serious barbeque-ers - meaning they started the marinade the night before and started smoking the brisket and pork at 5am. We also served all of the fixins': potato salad, baked beans, fruit salad, watermelon, rolls, chips and more. 

And for dessert was a cake I had commissioned from our friend and fellow spouse. The idea was to create a cake that looked like the bust of Owen's service dress - rack and all. It turned out just about perfect and was a huge hit at the party! 

To make the party complete I had a Congrats banner made and displayed several gifts and cards from the family on the table. Owen's gifts from me and Cooper included a new Major Owen R. Hein wood nameplate, new framed photos of the family for his bare desk, and an engraved wooden box for his military 'paraphenelia' (that currently resides in a shoe box). 

More pictures to be posted to the Flickr account soon - in the meantime we wanted to get this posted for everyone that wished they could be with us today. 

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