Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breakfast Picnic and Outdoor Fun

Me and Cooper often have breakfast on the patio but this morning I thought it'd be fun to take our breakfast with us and have a picnic. We headed just around the corner to this little secluded picnic area where I snapped a few iPhone shots. 

We set-up camp with a blanket and a breakfast spread. First, Cooper devoured this banana - his current favorite food.

And then munched on a few other goodies.

Normally by this time it's already starting to get a little warm but today it was gorgeous. So, I let Cooper do whatever he wanted to do. He wanted to play in the leaves (and pinecones, seeds and such). 

Here he is smiling at the birds snacking on our leftover Kix. 

And waving to the pool maintenance man. 

He had so much fun - he kept squealing and flashing this cheeseball smile. 

By this time it was after 10:30 but it was still beautiful out so we found a big open field and played some ball. 

And found more flowers, grass and pinecones to explore...

And it was STILL beautiful so we headed to the playground where he played for another hour before we headed home and he napped for 4 solid hours. 


  1. That is awesome!! We have coffee most weekday mornings at the Rickenbackers in the Turumi lodge. We sit out on the patio & let the kiddos run wild in the grass!! Join us anytime please!!


  2. He napped for 4 hours! Oh my gosh! That is awesome...for you!

    1. We've always been pretty lucky - Cooper's a sleeper! He normally sleeps 12 hours straight at night and has 2, 2-hour naps during the day! I'll probably get paid back with the next one :)

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  4. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Nancy! It's a little harder to carry around the Rebel so all of these pics are from the iPhone. These turned out okay without any editing - the lighting outside was really great and of course my subject is always uber-photogenic!