Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-Move Family & Friends Visits

Before the move to Osan AFB in South Korea we wanted to visit as many of our friends and family as possible. Here's a few pictures from our two week tour around New Mexico and Texas.

Stop 1: Albuquerque, NM
After the 10 hour drive by Owen and a flight be Cooper and I we arrived and visited a slue of Aunts and Uncles over a 3 day period.

Stop 2: Roswell, NM
We visited David and Nancy (Owen's parents) in Roswell over a few days.

Stop 3: Hobbs, NM
We stopped into Hobbs to visit Granddad and GranBoddy as well as Uncle Bobby and Aunt Kay (on Owen's side).

{pics coming!}

Stop 4: Lubbock, TX
During our trip in Lubbock we also had Cooper's 1st Birthday Party - and what turned out to be a surprise going away. We also were able to visit Nani and Papi, Jim, Haydn, Cody and Stacia and Trenton. We also were able to see many of Owen's side of the family visited earlier in the trip as well as many Whitharral friends and family that drove in from Big Spring.

Stop 5: Dallas, TX
This was our final stop before jumping on a plane to Seattle where the plane to take us to ROK will await. During this trip we will ship our car to ROK and be able to see a final slue of Aunt, Uncles and cousins.

{pics coming!}

Next stop... Korea!

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