Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cooper's 2 month update

Cooper (aka Stud Muffin) turned 8 weeks old yesterday!

Little stud muffin on a stroller ride around the neighborhood on his 8-week-old birthday.
  Here is some of what he had going on over the last 4 weeks: 

 1) Cooper started really focusing and tracking faces during the middle of the month and on objects during the last week of the month. It's so fun to watch his development!

Cooper and his new playmat he got on his 8-week-old birthday

The little rascal giving me the stank eye!
3) Cooper also spent his first afternoon outside this month and loved every second of it. I would anticipate that babies don't like breezes on their face or the sun in their eyes - but our baby can't get enough of anything to do with the outdoors. Mommy and baby even had their first "ride" in the hammock together. Another thing he loves is being under a tree with the moving shadows - so swinging on the hammock, under the tree was bliss!

Mommy and Cooper under the gazebo hanging out.

4) Cooper visited the mall with mommy for the first time late this month. Really, mommy didn't have anything to shop for - just wanted to get out of the house (windy weather) and experience something new. Plus he really likes his stroller.

Enough said.

5) Cooper also met all of mine and Owen's co-workers. He slept the entire time through both visits - which was nice.

Daddy and Cooper on a warm, beautiful day outside.

Eskimo kisses!
6) Cooper also started to make it apparent that he recognizes mommy and daddy's voices. He turns suddenly toward our voice if he's being held by someone else. So sweet!

Our little family.

7) He also got he first little taste of a cutie orange and a banana (just touched it with his tongue - didn't give him really any substance yet). He's smitten.
8) The first time I had to be away from Cooper for more than a quick errand was this month for a dermatology appointment. I teared up the entire time - at first I think the nurses thought I was scared to be at the docs!

You said it brother!
 9) Cooper's really gotten on-board with bath time. He loves the sound and feel of the water and mommy loves this bonding time with baby.

A warm bathroom heater keeps him happy after bath time!

Early (censored) bath time photo - still working on focusing.

10) Cooper got his first cold this month. Boo! I noticed that he coughed a couple of times and they weren't after eating or being outside so I took him in as a precaution. And sure enough the little guy had a cold - the doctor felt like it was RSV and gave us some tips on what to do to make sure it didn't get serious enough for a hospital visit. So, for the next 2 weeks he slept upright in his carseat, slept with a humidifier and generally we kept him upright or on his tummy for the most part. Either it really wasn't bad enough to be RSV or we did a good job of curbing it as it never really progressed past a few coughing spells. Note: this was also mommy's first baby-related breakdown - I thought I was the worst mommy ever for my sweet baby to already be sick. Thanks to Nana and Nani for talking me out of my own meltdown.

Cooper in his swing - ready for lunch!
11) David & Nancy (Nana & Pop) met Cooper and visited for about a week during their Spring Break. It was a bit of a stressful week as we thought Owen was being deployed to help in the Libya efforts so much time was devoted to him getting ready to leave and us preparing for it - but it never panned out. The visit was great and full of lots of picture-taking, visiting and hanging out at home getting lots of baby time in.

12) During the last week of the month we took Cooper on his first roadtrip to Lubbock to visit the family and meet some friends and family he hadn't met yet. The trip to Lubbock went okay but at about an hour out Cooper had a mini-meltdown - poor guy was so over being in his carseat! 

During this trip we got to met Great Grandboddy and Granddad and Great Aunt Kay and Uncle Bobby on Owen's side.

Great Grandboddy and Granddad with Cooper
And on my side Cooper got to meet his Uncle Jim and cousin Haydn, Uncle Cody, Great Grandma Big Spring, Great Aunt Monica and Uncle Tommy and second cousins, Jerad, Morgan and Meagan. We also got to see Nani and Papi and Trenton and Stacia again. If that wasn't enough meeting and greeting we also went to a friend's wedding shower and was able to see many of our Whitharral friends.

Haydn and Cooper

Haydn and Cooper

Great Grandma Big Spring

Trenton and Stacia with Cooper
On the trip back home we decided to make it as far as Cooper told us we could and then stop for a little more time - this worked great as we were able to stop for dinner at a restaurant. That cuddling time during dinner, out of his carseat, is just what Cooper needed to get through the next leg of the trip. He made it all the way until about 5 minutes out before he told us that he was over it. Not bad for the first roadtrip!

13) And, lastly Cooper changed clothes approximately 90 times this month so it was necessary to have lots of cute onesies on-hand! 

Happy 2 months old baby boy!

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