Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 26: More Room for Baby

Week 26 is done and our baby boy is 14 inches long this week. That's about as long as an English Cucumber.

As the reality of an impending family drew nearer so did the idea of a new vehicle. The basic criteria was enough room for our new family of three (and also our future family of four... or five) with enough room for luggage and 3 dogs for a road trip. 

Owen really liked the Yukon but the size was too large for me - especially for the typical daily commute with just me and the new little guy. 

So, I started researching vehicle that had 3 rows of seating but didn't look like it from the outside. After test drives and some contemplation this was the week that we decided to bite the bullet and trade in my Jeep Liberty (yes, we kept the MINI Cooper in the family).

Here are some of our favorite features:
  • OnStar (already loving the turn-by-turn direction feature)
  • XM Radio
  • Dual sunroofs
  • Back up camera
  • Entertainment package with DVD player for the kiddo
  • 3 rows of a seating with the second row being bucket seats
And the convertible car seat and stroller will match great in the new car.
 And a pict of the interior:

And finally, here is our newest addition to the Hein family - a GMC Acadia. The answer to the most important question? It's black with a black leather interior. So, goodbye Jeep and hello Acadia!

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