Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 24: Clean slate garage sale and gifts

 Baby is a about a pound and a half and a foot long - about as long as an ear of corn. 

His brain is also growing quickly and the lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory tree. His skin is still translucent but he'll start to pink up next week. And the taste buds are continuing to develop.

This week is the week of getting rid of "someone else's treasure." And, oh boy did we have a lot of it. $850 worth of take home to be exact.  

We've been collecting garage sale items for a while now in a growing corner of the garage so we started on Wednesday evening collecting more unneeded things from around the house and the attic. 

We began the sale on Saturday morning at 7am... coldest day of the Fall so far - of course. We didn't have many customers until about 9:00am but we really started picking up around 10am.

Half-way into our day a lady walked up to me with a box like she was ready to pay. Come to find out it was our mail lady hand-delivering me a package from my beautiful and wonderful friend Cami.

Cami bought the baby a great package of gifts from a store in Lubbock called Hollyhocks. The gifts are adorable! We got a cute onesie, a jellycat stuffed animal, sneaker socks, a pee-pee teepee (I'm about to learn so much!) and a sleep mask for mom.

The onesie is maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen. The back even has a cool little design:

Speaking of gifts my mom sent another care package full of toys and clothes. Some of my favorite items are some cute little shoes.

 She also bought us a new blanket that will match perfect with our color palette.

All in all it was an exhausting weekend but we were able to get the garage, attic and the nursery completely cleaned out so next week we can get the new hardwood floors installed and start putting together the nursery.

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