Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 20: half-way mark, the gender, first kick, shopping!

Week 20 - we've hit the half-way mark! And with the half-way mark came a lot of firsts!

Tuesday, Oct. 5 marked 20 weeks.

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It's going to be a great week: today is officially 20 weeks - half way there. And this is the week we find out if the baby is a girl or boy! Get ready for some serious baby shopping on Saturday Owen Hein

Friday, Oct. 8 at 7:30am we had the anatomy appointment. We had a room all to ourselves and a large viewing screen on the wall. The technician let us know she would be taking all of the measurements and walking us through everything on the screen. We got our first shot of our little one at 20 weeks and 4 days.


The tech then started with the head and brain measurements and checked the blood flow. The next biggie she checked was the heart. 4 chambers, blood going to and coming from, heartbeat (167 bpm) - check, check, check.  So far, so good.

Then came the measurements of the boy parts (circled here) which was measuring at 2 centimeters... Owen is so proud.

Being a bit of a girly-girl I have to admit that I was a little dissapointed at first... and there might have been a few hormone-enduced, lack of sleep, coffee and food tears. But, we did both really want to have a boy first so after a post appointment visit to IHOP and calling our families we both couldn't be happier to be having a sweet baby boy.

When I arrived back at work my desk was decorated with pink and blue baby-themed flags and  a sign that said "Ask me if I'm having a boy or a girl."

Natalie, friend, Third Degree account exec and desk neighbor also made blue and pink cupcakes for the occassion (she's a cupcake pro). So the agency piled around my desk and everyone chose a blue (for a boy guess) or pink (for a girl guess) cupcake. 

In the meantime I pulled out my new ultrasound photos and announced to everyone "Look at him waving." Yes, the "him" totally gave it away but it was still a special moment sharing our news with all of my friends at work.

I posted to Facebook around noon and received such a wonderful response from all of our friends and family. We're very blessed.

{Facebook post}
We're having a sweet, baby... BOY! Check him out waving to the camera!

Baby boy is moving his hand from side-to-side for his first wave!
On my way home that night Owen and I stopped at Target - we just couldn't help checking out the baby boy merch. We purchased a set of onesies and I have to admit that I've fallen asleep with one of those in my hands now a couple of times. And we both can't help but marvel at the tiny size and thinking about the baby that they will dress in a few months.

That night I went to my massage therapist for a late night appointment to help relieve some of the growing aches and pains. As I was laying on the table and she was about to start I felt a little bubble in my stomach. After a few minutes I realized that no, it wasn't gas but my first baby kick! The active tiny kicks lasted for almost the entire massage. What a big day!

Saturday, October 9
We've planned all week to go shopping today so around noon we headed into town (45 minute trek from Harrah). Our first stop, one of our favorite baby stores, was Storkland, where bought our baby's crib. It actually wasn't one of the ones we originally had picked out but knowing the sex changes perspectives on things. In 12 weeks our crib should arrive.

We then visited Super Target and started our baby registry which took a good couple of hours. Owen threw in something special for himself on the registry so we'll see if anyone brings that item to the shower. Owen has no shopping stamina so he quickly hit his limit. I starting wearing down too so we made one last stop to Baby's R Us to take a look a baby bedding options and then headed home.

As I am writing this post I just felt another set of kicks! Owen thought I was referring to the Dallas Cowboys that were kicking - ha!

Onto week...

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