Sunday, August 26, 2012

Seoul Science Museum & Funny Bicycles

We had such a fun and busy summer that my desktop is filled with folders of pics just waiting to be posted about. Tonight, I chose to blog about our Seoul Science Museum adventure from June because... It was one of the last trips with Aimee and the kids, we love any trip with dino bones and the funny bicycles were a blast! 

About 2 minutes into our trip, before we even got off base we had a flat tire so we took a left instead of a right turn to the Auto Hobby shop and they had us jacked in the air fixing the tire in no time. The best part is all 4 kids sat in the back watching a movie while we were in the air - getting a tire fixed has never been easier - oh, and there was no charge!  

After the flat tire detour, a kiddo throwing up in the car and a 1 hour, 45 minute drive we finally arrived! 

Dinos & Rocks:

T-Rex head - always a popular exhibit!
The large cat bones - these were absolutely enormous!
More big dino bones.
Mammoth bones.
Entry into the rock exhibit.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car.
Robot Fish Tank and Robot Exhibit.
Mechanical lungs.
Space & Air:

Korean jet - Cooper loved this area - kept staring at the planes, he's his daddy's son!
Apollo engine.
LEM (Lunar Excursion Model) & Rover.

Cooper's favorite part of the museum - playing with gears, pullies and levers with Rachel and Rowan. 
Another part of the interactive kid's zone with handwritten notes from Korean children.
And now for the Funny Bicycles (all picks of Cooper and I courtesy of Aimee)! This special center was set-up outside of the Science Museum and was easily among our favorite part of the day. You had one hour to ride dozens of different types of bikes and we made use of every minute!

A bike for 6! 
Cooper's favorite bike - a panda for 2!
The pink cadillac! 
The sideways bike.

And of course our friends - the Brights!

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