Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Household Goods Have Arrived!

Last week was a very busy week with our household goods arriving on Thursday, picking up our car on Friday, painting, Cooper's first week in hourly daycare and the family all getting sick. 

Household Goods
We received our temporary items a few weeks ago which was a nice holdover for the rest of our household goods but finally on Thursday we received the rest of our stuff (that didn't go to long-term storage). 

When you haven't seen what you own for over 2 months everything seems so new - it's like Christmas - but so comfortable too! In a very quick 2 hours the movers loaded 10,000 pounds of stuff into our house. Then, as movers do, they tried to duck out. Oh... no... now it was time for them to unpack! It's a great bonus to have them unpack some of the larger and more mundane items - like kitchen dish packs and bathroom items but boy they weren't happy about doing so. Actually, it was the very first time I've seen a Korean with a bit of an attitude - they are such a sweet culture. 

By noon they were gone and our house looked like it was picked straight out of an episode of Hoarders - with boxes to the ceilings, layers and layers of stuff, and only tiny walkways through the madness. Oh, where to start. I'm normally the methodical one that can breeze through tangles of information or stuff, but not today - not to worry, Owen picked up the slack and directed me step by step what to focus on. Kitchen first for me, Cooper's room for Owen. 

By 3:30 I had finished the kitchen and couldn't stand being away from Cooper any longer so I headed to daycare to pick him up. 

This was a hard week for both Cooper and I - being apart for the first time in over two months. We knew we needed him to be in daycare for much of the day on Thursday so I put him in a couple hours each day to let him get the hang of it. He didn't. 

Short of family the people I trust most with Cooper is our daycare in Oklahoma City. But this isn't Oklahoma City and they don't know his likes, his dislikes, his ticks... When I arrived he was crying and looked awful. They said he hadn't really eaten or slept and he felt warm. As soon as we got home he went straight to sleep for several hours. When he woke he had a 102 degree fever. I not-so-silently cursed daycare. In all honestly he could have picked up daddy's cold but I couldn't help but be suspicious (now mommy also has the same cold - yuck!). In OKC, Penny, Shelby or Amanda would have picked up on Cooper's odd behavior and knew he was sick right away - oh, how I miss those girls!  

The Acadia
Our car arrived at almost the same time as our household goods so Owen spent part of Thursday morning taking his Korean driving test and getting his license. On Friday morning he picked up his driver's license, got a temporary tag for the Acadia and then hopped on a bus to the Army base in Seoul - Yongsan. We were initially planning to make a weekend of the little trip to Seoul but a sick baby trumps all plans! Next week I'll take my Korean driving test - wish me luck! 

Oh, and as it turned out it was a great day to get the car - after Cooper had gone to bed the Towers fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate - so glad we had a warm car to keep a sick baby warm in.

It was an ambitious week! We painted late into the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday before our HHG arrived - chalkboard wall in the kitchen, red wall in the dining room, chocolate chairrail in the living room, khaki stripes in the hallway and khaki in the bedroom. Of course we didn't want to cut it this close but getting paint here isn't as easy as heading to Lowe's - there is no Lowe's, no Home Depot, no yellow page listings for 'paint stores.' I'll soon dedicate a whole post to the before and afters and the process. Note: Special xoxo to Owen - he was really, really sick and exhausted from 10 hour workdays but he still hung in there we could finish the painting in time. Thanks honey!  

Our goal is to have the house completely 'put together' in two weeks. The clock is ticking. 

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