Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 30: Testing, holiday prep, and paint

Week 30... this sounds sooo much closer than week 29.

Baby is about the weight of a head of cabbage - 3.3 pounds and he's measuring 31 centimeters - or about 12.2 inches long.

This week I had to take the dreaded 3-hour glucose gestational diabetes test. Fourtanetely, I  don't have gestational diabetes but the test to find this out was pure torture. Let me walk you through some of the highlights. 

9:00 - the night before: fasting begins
8:30: arrival, check-in with my doctor's office and received a lab slip
9:00: checked in with the lab
9:15: had my blood drawn for the first time
9:30: drank the glucose drink (100 grams of sugar that tasted like straight Sprite syrup)
9:30-10:30: focused on not throwing up the glucose while starving and thirsty
10:30: had my blood drawn for the second time 
11:30: had my blood drawn for the third time
12:30: had my blood drawn for the fourth time
1:00: finally got to eat after not eating or drinking for about 16 hours

What I felt like eating after fasting for 16 hours!
 The next day we had a doctor's appointment and received all good news:
1) no gestational diabetes
2) great blood pressure 
3) great weight gain (they have me at 10 pounds so far but it is more like 13 or 14)
4) baby's heartbeat and size are all looking good as well
This weekend I might have had a bit of an anxiety attack with so much to do, and it being the holidays. Owen helped me to focus and complete a few goals we had in mind - thank you honey! Here are those that we accomplished:

1) clean out and paint the back of the nursery closet

(image coming once the paint dries!)

2) pond TLC: this isn't exactly baby-related but we'll have a baby when the Springtime maintenance rolls around so we needed to get a head start. The pond is my baby so while Owen worked on #3 I fixed the pond pump, skimmed, de-algaed, added bacteria to derail the sludge, and added pond netting to prevent any more leaves and debri from dirtying the water.

3) completed stripping and sanding the baby furniture

4) completed Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, and our travel plans

5) prepped the house for holiday vacationing - meaning lots of cleaning and laundry 

Bring on Christmas... and week 31!

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