Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 17: travels, names and anatomy

Hello and goodbye to week 17. Here is what mom and baby were up to this week:

Visited the Broadmoor Hotel and Seven Falls in Colorado Springs for a business trip. Life is hard.

Baby grew to almost 6 inches and about the size of a sweet potato

Or the man sizing chart according to the baby is the size of a hockey puck.

Decided on a new girl's name that I adore (it is growing on Owen):
Visited our OBGYN for a check-up. The heartbeat was 160 beats per minute which sometimes can indicate a girl!

I took the blood tests to determine if baby has any diseases that we should know about before birth. Those results come back in 10 days.

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We got our official date for the anatomy ultrasound where we should find out if it is a boy or a girl - October 8.

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